Welcome to our new book blog “EdBucks(like Starbucks, but with more books. Oh, and we pay our taxes too). Two booklovers based in York (surrounded by teetering piles of books that won’t quite fit on the bookshelves*) writing about the books we love. Each week we’ll have book reviews exploring a particular theme, whether historical novels, business books or short stories, and suggestions for what to read next (whether books or blogs).

This week it’s International Women’s Day (8th March) so we’re looking at Inspiring People, with biographies of people who have made a difference in the world, from Desmond Tutu to Waris Dirie.

We’ll also have author interviews, our favourite bookshops and places to read, literary events and regular updates with the latest news from Yorkshire-based author Edward Cooke. You can follow his GoodReads page here.

*An amusing solution to the problem of having more books than shelves can be found on Bronte’s Page Turners here.