March 2017

Author News: Who Killed All the Radio Stars?

This was originally posted on the Transmundane Press blog for the anthology “After the Happily Ever After”, published December 2016

We’ve been reading a lot about the curse of 2016. As writers, we’re in the causality business. Those of us who write horror are wise to exploit superstition in all its forms. Just how solid is our grasp of cause and effect, and is it all we need to succeed? Continue reading “Author News: Who Killed All the Radio Stars?”

Making Change Happen: The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

This post is adapted from something I wrote about CPD for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Whether it’s a new year’s resolution or a Lenten fast, many of us try at various points in the year to make changes, but it’s easy for these to peter out over time. How can we stop our good intentions ending up as wishful thinking? Charles Duhigg’s book “The Power of Habit” includes some intriguing evidence about how we can move from good intentions to actions with three simple steps: Continue reading “Making Change Happen: The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg”

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