April 2017

Have They Got Fake News For You?

This is the first in a series of posts inspired by taking part in York Theatre Royal’s new community play Everything is Possible about the York Suffragette movement (20th June to 2nd July). The human stories of winning the vote reminds me that our engagement in society is both our (hard won) right and our duty.

As we enter election season (both local on 4th May and national on 8th June), I felt it was time to reflect on the debate organised by my friends at Glass Half Full earlier this year on the subject of “fake news” and the social media bubble. Continue reading “Have They Got Fake News For You?”

Author News: The Delight of Boxes

It is with great pleasure that we announce that “The Delight of Boxes” is now available in paperback: post-apocalyptic fiction with an unreliable narrator, exploring themes of family, truth and trust.  This week only (18th to 25th April), you can enter our GoodReads giveaway here for a chance to win a free copy!

You can also check out his previous collections for tales of love, hope and betrayal, from fractured fairy tales to unexpected superheroes. What will you discover? Continue reading “Author News: The Delight of Boxes”

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