Murder Mystery: The Sting of Justice by Cora Harrison

Imagine a wind-swept stony place on the edge of the sea, where ancient Irish law holds sway in the face of English empire-building. Cora Harrison’s series of Burren mysteries is set in a law school during the sixteenth century on the limestone plateau called the Burren on the west coast of Ireland. I’ve never been there, but I imagine something like Malham Cove but by the sea. On the basis of Cora’s beautiful descriptions, this is definitely somewhere I’d like to go on holiday… Continue reading “Murder Mystery: The Sting of Justice by Cora Harrison”

Murder Mystery: Bones in the Nest by Helen Cadbury

This is my second review of books featured in ReadRegional 2016, a fantastic festival of home-grown literary talent across the North of England. Find your local events here.

“Bones in the Nest” is the second novel about Sean Denton, who starts out as a Police Commumity Support Officer (PCSO) in “To Catch A Rabbit” but has now been trained as a fully fledged PC. Sean is a great character: still learning his role, keeping up with banter and conflicted by having to solve a difficult murder case on the estate in Doncaster where he grew up. Continue reading “Murder Mystery: Bones in the Nest by Helen Cadbury”

Time For A Good Murder Mystery (or several)

Having recently appeared in the York Theatre Royal’s “Blood in the Ballroom” murder mystery event, I think it’s time to review some of my favourite crime and mystery books, starting with Read Regional author Helen Cadbury. Continue reading “Time For A Good Murder Mystery (or several)”

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